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For your pets and peace of mind, we provide amazing pet sitting services in Bakersfield.

I grew up on a working farm near Gilmer Texas where we had horses, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, and a single cow. I have lived in Bakersfield since 1984. Worked as a general manager for Arbys, Payless Shoesource, and Pacific Theatres from the age of 18-34. From 2005-2018 I did volunteer work for the Wasco shelter, county shelter and started my own rescue organization (no longer operating), owned a business called Bakersfield Cat Control (2008-2018) trapping feral cats for spay/neuter and return(no longer in business). Graduated from Bakersfield College with an AS degree in Health Information Technology in 2020.

For the past several years I started pet sitting frequently for a friend and through the years have had other opportunities to pet sit for other people. I have traveled to the Dallas area and did pet sitting for a friend for a week at a time for a few years.

In Bakersfield my regular client has me check on her pets three times a day. When I started pet sitting for her she had a dog that did not know how to use a dog door and a few cats. The cats have a routine of being fed a certain way, and they know me as part of the family. I am greeted by the cats when I show up, and we always have a great time with cat toys, and treats.

My most recent client has dogs ( with dog door), cats, and chickens. I was hired to do one drop-in per day. My duties included feeding, watering, and cleaning up pet waste. Also, I brought in their packages, mail. and took care of trash/waste containers. Since it is hot here in Bakersfield the chickens had a mister, and I placed frozen bottled water in their water dishes.

Types of pets that I care for:

Dogs, cats, and chickens are my main experience, but I can follow anyone’s directions of care for their pets. I do have a 50lb maximum limit for dogs in my care with the exception of large geriatric dogs.


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